Logos done for various organizations and teams.

Logo for a running group in Austin, TX called Austin Runners Meetup or "ARM" and they wanted an armadillo as their logo.
Logo for a program to promote engineering with K-12 students called DTEACh (design, technology, and engineering for all children). The idea is to get kids interested in design, technology, and engineering in order to attract them to future careers which are going to other countries. The concept on the left was the original idea pitched (which was not chosen) and the right is a refined colored version.
Little Thai food trailer needed a logo for some menus and a website.
The team "Cat Cannon" was named for the popular internet game among teammates. Logo was used for the front of raglan style softball jerseys for a handful of years in a rec-league.
Logo for a software users' convention for Zenoss.
Political candidate in Maryland
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