Women in Engineering

Event Promotion for 20 years of Women in Engineering Gala

Promo Website for Anniversary Gala Women in Engineering program gets a promo/celebration site for an upcoming Anniversary Gala
With all programs and organizations described in detail on University branded sites, most will build promo sites to stand out and tell their story. This site consists of a landing page gallery of photos and success stories of the Women in Engineering program at the University of Texas at Austin.
Resting state. Orange navigation hints appear once site has been idle. Thumbnail wall will smoothScroll to the right and left and gives you options for photos and videos over the last 20 years of the program.
Delayed loading for the thumbnails so the background will load and each individual thumbnail at a time so there isn't a huge wait in the beginning.
onClick, the photo enlarges and shows the caption. Provides a link to the full article on the Women in Engineering page on the Cockrell School website.
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